Time Manager SQL :

Time Manager SQL software has been developed by STT over the last 10 years by some of the industry’s most qualified developers and is currently paying thousands of employees nationally and internationally.

arrowsmallerOur software has a user friendly design with extremely powerful functionality
arrowsmallerTime Manager SQL has full security and a user friendly setup and user interface
arrowsmallerTrue Windows 32Bit and a multi-user interface provides its users with a vital management tool
arrowsmallerReports can be viewed on screen or printed to multiple printers! All reports can also be exported into most electronic formats namely: Text; Excel; CSV and PDF
arrowsmallerTime Manager has full audit tracking and event reporting functionality
arrowsmaller6 Different levels of “pay times” i.e. no pay, normal, OT1, OT2, OT3, OT4.
arrowsmallerEach overtime pay rate is user definable i.e. 1.50, 1.65, 2.00, 2.50, etc.
arrowsmallerAutomatic shift cycle rotation. Change the cycle/schedule every Monday to the next cycle
arrowsmallerEasy to change absentee codes i.e. “A.W.A.L” to “Sick Leave”
arrowsmallerEasy to set up pre-arrival and post-departure overtime, each with its own pay rate

arrowsmallerEdit screen allows you a “Edit Period” and only that “Pay Period” is shown on screen
arrowsmallerEmployees can be booked on Leave/Annual Leave, etc. in advance
arrowsmallerOverride & pay: Late arrivals/early departures
arrowsmallerPassword protected, set password with or without “Supervisor Functions”
arrowsmallerPowerful editing tools to help edit exceptions i.e. Add missing clocking, Absenteeism, etc.
arrowsmallerPublic holiday calendar pop up allows you to go from month to month setting up holidays
arrowsmallerUser definable rounding on “In” and “Out” times i.e. 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes etc.
arrowsmallerException based reports all with definable time periods
arrowsmallerAll reports can be printed as hours and minutes or decimals
arrowsmallerShifts can be set to either Flexi-Time shifts, Fixed shifts or Rotating shifts with an automatic shift detection option
arrowsmallerUnlimited absenteeism codes i.e. Off with permission, IOD, Sick Note handed in, etc.
arrowsmallerUnlimited employees, unlimited shifts, working weeks and cycles/schedules

Our Time Managers suite of software packages allow us to provide a software solution for your company depending on your specific industry needs and requirements. Our software will interface with most of the industry’s standard payroll systems.