About Us

We do not compete with law enforcement agencies when comes to security issues, but rather come with technical security solution.

Together with our clients requirements, we will use our technology to reduce there weaknesses. This will help us to lay a base for building a team between government & private companies in technical security.


RT INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE is a white owned company. Although we are a bi-coloured personnel company, we deeply concentrate in distributing our skills to previous disadvantageous individuals so that they can be empowered to make a positive contribution to the company and our clients. Purchasing local manufactured products and products from BEE companies, we for fill our obligation to BEE rating for small companies.


Following is an edited list of our performance report:

S BUYS – C/o Kaolin & Radium Streets Impro IXP220 Access System & Sagem Indoor Fingerprint Reader
ZTE Impro IXP220 Access System with Time Manager ( T& A ) Johannesburg 2 Offices, Bloemfontien, Capetown 3 Offices and Durban 2 Offices all reporting to Johannesburg
Corrline 16 Camera system monitored off-site
Villa mall IXP400 with Sagem Readers, Turnstiles and parking system.
East Village IXP120 Access System on Parking & Turnstile System with remote connection.
Clover Turnstiles, Super-Access Access Control, clock’s for time recording and monitoring system. Maintenance to clock’s, electric fence and monitoring system
Embassy of Korea Cameras, Intercom and Gates
Kosmos Ridge Parking System and Multi Scan IV and Tele access system
Pilansberg, Platinum Mine Access Control System and CCTV
Face Technologies – Cape Town Impro IPX 200 Access Control system and CCTV system
Transtel - Pretoria Impro IPX 200 Access Control system
Peckover – Walmannstal Mamba Super Beam system (Perimeter Protection )
Velocity Guard monitoring system and electric fence
Broll - ABSA Park Ridge Empire IXP 400 Access control system and parking system
Broll – Winfield park Parking system
Prodiba – Pretoria 37 Camera system with matrix and IXP 200 Access control system
Bird wood Estate Electric fence – 3.5 Km, 8 line, 20 zones
Clear Water Estate Ad 5 line to electric fence – 3 Km, two energizers 40 Zones
Nova Moda IXP 400 Access control system and time and attendance system
Willow Glen Retirement Village Electric fence – 9 line, 8 Zone
Face Technologies – Pretoria Impro IPX 200 Access Control system
Sita – Blenney and Loftus Impro IXP 120 Access Control system
Intergrate 8 16 Camera system
Third Eye – Hill View High School 48 Camera system

We in RT INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE have knowledge and are equipped to install, repair and maintain the following range of products:

Gate Motors Hansa and Centurion
Access Control Impro,Saflec, Controlsoft and Softcon
CCTV Norbain, Bosh, Tele Eye, Vidamix, Ultrak and most other products
Parking systems Alltech, Turnstar, M-Tek and Boomgate Systems
Turnstile Alltech, Flow Systems, Boomgate Systems
Intercom systems BPT, Commax, Mircell, Dafron 500, Fermax and Kocom
Perimeter Protection Hammer, MEPS, Merlin and Stinger
Guard Monitoring Mag-Touch and Mag-Touch Failed patrol