Access Control

SupaGate Products

The SupaGate 4-Channel Controller provides a compact and reliable access control system for small commercial and upmarket residential access control applications. Combining both Dynamic Code Transmission radio frequency and passive transponder technology the SupaGate is ideal for both personal and vehicle access points.
The SupaGate can control up to four separate access points, made up of up to four RF access points or three RF access points and one passive access point. In addition the SupaGate supports both keypad and non-keypad Antenna Readers. When a keypad Antenna Reader is used the SupaGate supports the option of PIN only access. The SupaGate is compatible with the entire ImproX range of Antenna Readers.

1 - 8 Doors Products


arrowsmallerISC921-0-0-GB [iTRT with TFT Touch Screen]
arrowsmallerISC911-0-0-GB [iTT with TFT Touch Screen]
arrowsmallerISC920-0-0-GB [iTRT without TFT Screen]
arrowsmallerISC910-0-0-GB [iTT without TFT Screen]


The IXP20 range consists of two products and meets the requirements of one to eight door applications, incorporating full stand alone and independent functionality.


arrowsmallerAES 128 bit encryption and Diffie Hellman Key-Exchange.
arrowsmaller2 Models:
   arrowsmallerTouch – One to eight door system with full colour graphics Touch Screen.
   arrowsmallerNet – One to eight door system with TCP/IP for internet communication or direct to PC.
arrowsmallerOnboard web application with no need for software.
arrowsmallerBuilt on standard iTRT (Wiegand compatible) or iTT (Antenna) base.
arrowsmallerComplete upgrade path into IXP220 and IXP400i systems by simply adding a system controller and downgrading the IXP20 Controller to a door controller.


All systems support:
arrowsmallerFull standalone/independent capability.
arrowsmaller10 to 30 V DC input power.
arrowsmallerEach door provides Door Open Sensor and Request To Exit inputs.
arrowsmallerFully intelligent, specific Tag editing.
arrowsmallerMultiple door mode patterns.
arrowsmallerOnboard reporting.


arrowsmaller1 000 Tagholders
arrowsmaller5 000 buffered transactions
arrowsmaller1 – 8 Doors
arrowsmallerUp to 16 Readers (8 APB Doors)
arrowsmallerUp to 3 Tags per person
arrowsmallerUp to 8 Tagholder Access Groups


Be it the home or office, the IXP20 with its modern and sleek design, will compliment the aesthetic appeal of any building. The IXP20 provides Impro Technologies’ tried and tested access control proficiency, taking you into the future with complete peace of mind and security. The two and a half inch colour TFT touch screen offers complete system configuration including simple and advanced system configuration. With onboard reporting and onboard system diagnostics, the IXP20 provides a clean and easy-to-use visual output for the user, making access control setup from 1 up to 8 APB (Anti-Passback) doors uncomplicated.

 The IXP20 is offered in two models, IXP20 Touch & IXP20 Net, the latter is delivered without the TFT Touch Screen at a reduced cost and relies solely on the simple-to-use web application. Both models however, feature groundbreaking security on the communications by offering class leading AES 128 bit encryption with Diffie Hellman Key-Exchange – a form of digital encryption that would make the task of a would-be code breaker almost mathematically impossible.

With the IXP20 system, access control is no longer reserved for the industrial or enterprise market. Everything you need to secure your premises is at your fingertips thanks to the simplicity of the touch screen and web application, all while reducing costs and complexities whilst maintaining utmost security and functionality.


1 - 256 Doors Products

IXP220 offers seamless system scalability, allowing the user to expand the system effortlessly using the same software suite and hardware throughout. The system has an incredibly user friendly configuration and is packed with a full list of features.


arrowsmallerup to 256 doors
arrowsmallerup to 1 000 independent sites
arrowsmallerup to 10 000 Tags per System
arrowsmallerup to 100 000 Buffered Transactions


arrowsmallerONE software suite
arrowsmallerONE hardware platform
arrowsmallerONE reporting package
arrowsmallerONE solution for all your access control requirements
arrowsmallerONE option


arrowsmallerInter-Controller Communications
arrowsmallerFallback Communications
arrowsmallerGPRS communications
arrowsmallerRich Client
arrowsmallerHID Support
arrowsmallerTag Truncation
arrowsmallerPump Utility
arrowsmallerArchive Utility
arrowsmallerIP Camera Integration
arrowsmallerSoftware User Interface upgrades
arrowsmallerAutomatic Scheduled Reports
arrowsmallerI/O control by Events

Variety of connectivity

arrowsmallerEthernet - TCP/IP, USB, RS232, RS485 and GPRS

Web based reporting

arrowsmallerviewable in any web browser
arrowsmallerinter-site reports
arrowsmallertime management reports
arrowsmallerpersonal details and transaction history
arrowsmallergeneral system status
arrowsmallerconfiguration reports

1 - 3 000 Doors Products

The ImproNet Software Suite is the powerful software backbone to Impro’s top-of-the-range IXP400i Access Control system. With Service Pack 6 now released, ImproNet hosts several new features that are designed to streamline your existing IXP400i site, as well as improve flexibility with additional communication options.

IXP400 is a multi-door enterprise access control solution designed to meet today’s most demanding security requirements. This System uses the powerful ImproX Controllers & the ImproNet Access Control Software Suite to control up to 3 000 doors and up to 300 000 Tagholders per site with multiple sites linked across a worldwide network. IXP400 features the latest security innovations including seamless integration with Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems providing visual verification, easier operation and enhanced cost-effectiveness with a single log-on, the complete security environment organizations are looking for.


arrowsmallerA variety of user friendly ImproNet Software Modules
arrowsmallerMulti-layer graphic floorplan representation including alarm and transaction monitoring
arrowsmallerIntegrated badging module for card design and printing
arrowsmallerIntegrated Digital Video Recording (DVR) System
arrowsmallerFlexible building management features
arrowsmallerNetworkable via LAN/WAN
arrowsmallerPlatform independent Java software modules capable of running on non-windows platforms
arrowsmallerUp to 300 000 Tagholders per site, supporting multiple siteswith a central database
arrowsmallerArchitectually designed metal Proximity Readers
arrowsmallerLong Range  systems for parking control

Fingerprint identification terminal for outdoor installation


arrowsmallerIP65 weatherproof
arrowsmallerFast, accurate and reliable
arrowsmallerMultifactor authentication
arrowsmallerUp to 50,000 users in 1:N identification mode
arrowsmallerEasy integration into existing systems
arrowsmallerPower-Over-Ethernet (POE)
arrowsmallerIntegrated MIFARE® and DESFire® reader/encoder