RT Installation

RT INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE is a customer-orientated product installer. Customerís Requirements in both products and services are our source of movement and directional determination.

With our locally established manufactures and suppliers of our products, we enjoy our timeliness and efficiency in providing our clients with any product and service. By doing so, we isolate ourselves from ideas of depending from importation of products which proved to be time and money wasting.

Our products and services are as follows:

arrowsmallerDigital CCTV Monitoring System
arrowsmallerPhoto ID System
arrowsmallerBiometrics Recognition System
arrowsmallerAccess Control System
arrowsmallerTime and Attendance Monitoring Systems
arrowsmallerGuard Monitoring System
arrowsmallerBoom gates, Anti-Bandits door, turnstiles, etc.
arrowsmallerParking Systems
arrowsmallerElectric Fencing
arrowsmallerGate Motors

DIGITAL CCTV MONITORING SYSTEM enables our customers to use their control room in order to monitor and record any suspicious movement that takes place with in their sectors of observation. The advantages are that one can replay or print the incident while the system is continuing to monitor without any disturbance.

ACCESS, PHOTO ID, TIME AND ATTENDANCE SYSTEMS - In order to cut costs and to apply the most effective security monitoring system, we are able to inter grade the three systems into one. This will enable our customers to use one card to each of their staff members as an access means, Photo ID Card and a clock card at the same time.

The integration between al the different products in our product list is one of the outstanding benefits that we can offer our clients to provide them with a total security solution for their company.


About Us

We do not compete with law enforcement agencies when comes to security issues, but rather come with technical security solution.

Together with our clients requirements, we will use our technology to reduce there weaknesses. This will help us to lay a base for building a team between government & private companies in technical security.